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The ambition of Vikassh Mart is to create EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY & income for a minimum of 99,99,999 unemployed / employed / housewife / retired / ex-servicemen / free-lancer people in India by way of full time, part time & temporary basis…

Vikassh Mart is the 1st institution in the HISTORY of the WHOLE WORLD to create a job opportunity for this many number of the mass people.

We at Vikassh Mart are the PIONEER in giving this UNIQUE opportunity to provide the job for everyone who is considered as an inspiring candidate, both male & female

Vikassh Mart has been launched across each & every location within the borders of the India with an intention to bring DEVELOPMENT & PROSPERITY to all the people in the society…

We have prepared ourselves in such a way that there can be an employment provided for almost ONE CRORE of people in all the DISTRICTS in all the STATES throughout INDIA. This is an amazing fact there no other organization has ever done…

The slogan in older days “Perform or Perish”, but the current scenario has a changed version as “Perform before you Perish” & Vikassh Mart is creating an opportunity for each & every one of our nation to perform & Earn & not to Perish…

Vikassh Mart is launched to change the society with a lot of beneficiaries by way of people entangling with Vikassh Mart as members, franchisee, employees (both Part & Full Time) & can build a bright CAREER with prospective GROWTH for one’s self as well as the society with a great involvement in the development of the ECONOMY

Isn’t it astonishing?….. Yes, it’s really true …… Vikassh Mart is providing an opportunity for everyone to LEARN & EARN. Vikassh Mart is the 1st institution in the whole world to do so with a 360º horizon for betterment of every single individual in this planet EARTH

Everybody can earn without limitations as per their own whims & fancies with no barrier or targets…. You can earn even by sitting at home…. 

Yes, you just need to understand the concepts of Vikassh Mart thoroughly & when you are through then you can refer a member or make them join as a member which has a revenue adding onto your account as per the performance you have done every month….

Every aspirant individual can have the option of selecting their own CAREER with VIKASSH MART. Everyone will be given a unique ID & the same has to be mentioned in the membership form to enable you to get your revenue…There are various ways to earn through Vikassh Mart…

  • You can become a member & enroll your friends & relatives to become a member by passing them the Vikassh Mart link & earn…
  • You can become a Franchisee & can work on behalf of Vikassh Mart & join your known sources as a member and earn
  • You can just work from home using your phone to generate leads by way of friends & relatives and make them join our Vikassh Mart group as a member & earn…
  • You can pass on the contacts available with you & earn

The pattern to facilitate your income as per the structure given under:

Business in Amount per month Income per month
From To % Max Amount
Upto ₹300000.00 3.00% ₹9000.00
₹300001.00 ₹600000.00 3.25% ₹19500.00
₹600001.00 ₹900000.00 3.50% ₹31500.00
₹900001.00 ₹1200000.00 3.75% ₹45000.00
₹1200001.00 ₹1500000.00 4.00% ₹60000.00
₹1500001.00 ₹2100000.00 4.25% ₹89250.00
₹2100001.00 ₹3000000.00 4.50% ₹135000.00
Above ₹3000001.00 5.00% On Actuals

  • The remuneration being paid is the income for the performance done 
  • The % of payment is calculated on the amount of annual fees collected
  • The calculations are for the monthly basis on the business done 
  • The Maximum amount is calculated on the maximum amount collected against the said slab
  • The customers whose annual fees payments are credited into the account of Vikassh Mart will only be eligible for the current month calculations
  • Those customers whose annual fees payments are credited in the next month will be considered for the subsequent month performance only
  • The slabs are in terms of annual fees collected on the whole & not in terms of individual customers