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Vikassh Mart Groceries Plan

Vikassh Mart Groceries Plan
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Vikassh Mart Groceries Plan

Our Vikassh Mart has launched a new scheme to meet out the primary demands of all the consumers. All of us are buying the required groceries for us as well as our homes.

We all would surely be happy if we get a portion as discount / refund / cash back & whatever names we call.

Now Vikassh Mart has worked out a different scheme depending upon the purchasing capacity of each & every person.

There are 3 slots as under based on the grocery purchase we make every month, we anyhow fit into any of the 3 slots

Descriptions of the same are given below
VM - 999 VM - 5999 VM - 9999
Annual Subscription - Rs. 999 Annual Subscription - Rs. 5999 Annual Subscription - Rs. 9999
Monthly grocery purchase for Rs. 10000 Monthly grocery purchase from Rs. 10001 to Rs. 50000 Monthly grocery purchase from Rs. 50001 to Rs. 100000
Offer Benefits –Rs. 999 Offer Benefits –Rs. 5999 Offer Benefits –Rs. 9999
The condition for the same is as under:
The person will be a member by paying the annual subscription to Vikassh Mart
The grocery should be purchased from us to avail the special offer
Scheme is applicable for 11 months only
Apart from the regular offer, we also provide a special discount of 15% for all the grocery purchases done with us
The monthly membership offer will be credited to the member's bank account directly on 24thof every month
The members will get their offers from the next month of they becoming a member

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